12 Kasım 2014 Çarşamba

Heads up! A "gotcha" about FCI.

Hello there,

I was watching the presentation of Ryan Adams in the SQL PASS Summit 14 from PASSTV and he was talking about a "gothca" of SQL Server Failover Clustering Instances, I wanted to spread it a little bit further, so that's why I'm sharing about it.

The thing is, you can now locate your TEMPDB on a local drive (like an SSD disk) when you set up a SQL Server Failover Clustered Instance. The directory will be created by the SQL Server Setup and the permissions to that directory will be granted by the Setup again, but this will be done only for the first node of the cluster! When you add the second node to the cluster, that same directory with the same path will not be created on that node and of course because of this a permission will not be granted. He mentions that you will be warned about this only once during the setup of the first node and you will not be warned when you were adding the other node. So you have to be careful about it as the SQL Server resources can not be brought online as the TEMPDB can not be created if the directory with the same path does not exist at the other node.

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